“Well constructed, practical and hands on training that will open your horizons and give you what you need to start practicing on friends or add important tools if you are an existing practitioner.”
Michail Giovannopoulos
March 2020
“I really enjoyed the course and it was really eye-opening. The teachers were very knowledgeable and professional. Just wanted to say thanks for doing an amazing job teaching the course. I am glad I cam here. It was a wonderful experience!”
Afni Shah-Hamilton
March 2020
“I loved the course and now looking forward to the next level up and doing the Practitioners course. Kath and Tracey are most excellent teachers and I can’t recommend them more highly enough.”
Danny Proudfoot
March 2020
“I felt supported and encouraged by Kath and Tracey. What seemed daunting was broken down in a way that I understood and I gradually built up my kinesiology toolkit. ”
Pratrizia Berardi
March 2020
“Amazing! Kath and Tracey are so experienced and thorough, they make learning fun, easy and interesting. The Foundation in kinesiology is a great course whether it’s for use in the home or to become a practitioner. It really opens your eyes to how the human boy works and Kath and Tracey are amazing teachers.”
Caralyn Dunn
March 2019
“Kath and Tracey do more than teaching how to be a foundation stage Kinesiologist. Their methods, attitudes and very helpful manner, put everything together easily so the student can see, why, how and benefits of each muscle test and then hot the practical application can have great benefit for the client. This course is truly life enhancing and life changing. Kath and Tracey truly are some of the best tutors I have had the privilege to work with.”
Sue Allder
November 2016
“Adding kinesiology to my portfolio of tools will be very useful. The course is flexible and you can add the elements that suit you. There is space within the course to understand how best to integrate techniques into your own practice. It was lovely to share a learning space with practitioners of varying disciplines.”
Deborah Phethean
November 2016
“An inspirational 6 months! I have left the course with wonderful practical tools I can incorporate info my homeopathic practice. I’m excited to offer this treatment to my clients.”
Sian Collister
February 2016
“This was a fantastic course, extremely useful content, very generous teaching in a lovely environment. Kinesiology is so much more than I realised but I’ve learnt so much to use in practice. Thank you.”
Claire French
February 2016
“If you are considering a course in kinesiology, I cannot recommend Kath and Tracey enough. There is so much learnt it is a real journey of discovery in all aspects with two amazing tutors.”
Angela Chapman
March 2020
“I was very happy with the Foundation Course run by Kath and Tracey which I attending recently. Kath and Tracey made a great effort to create an environment conducive to learning – small class and individual attention; clear demonstrations, opportunity to practise with comprehensive feedback from tutors; refreshments alway available each weekend. I felt I was given a solid introduction to kinesiology and also made great friends on the course. Highly recommend.”
Elena Karunanithy
March 2020
“Both Tracey and Kath are brilliant teachers and very open to asking any Q’s and helping out. It was lovely to be part of the Foundation Course of kinesiology at Berkhamsted. We gained so much knowledge and insight and feel empowered to take control of our health and the health of our clients.”
Rakhi Vadhera
March 2020
“Hugely informative and useful training. 6 weekends and I have another therapy to add to my practice and to keep my friends and family well. Invaluable."
Amanda Morris
March 2019
“Great instructors and very knowledgeable. There is a good balance between practical work and theory. It's been a great course which I would recommend to anyone interested in kinesiology.”
Sophia Sparkes
March 2019
“This is a very empowering course that provides very practical tools to establishing health and wellbeing on a holistic level. It’s a huge eye-opener!”
Kay Mitchell
November 2016
“Really enjoying Balanced Health Kinesiology. As a VHT pratitioner I can see how I can utilise the methods taught into my practice either as a stand-alone or in conjunction with VHT.”
Sue Faber
November 2016
This is a great course with excellent teachers. I had no previous knowledge of kinesiology but I now feel well equipped and inspired to practice and continue to learn. Thank you for one of the best courses I have been on in a long time.”
Pippa Harrard
February 2016
“The course was well structured. Just the right amount of breaks and no long lunches. Lots of great information. Any questions were always answered thoroughly. And instructors were always helpful when you needed more assistance.”
Natalie Ashwood
February 2016

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